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I am back at my desk with a few tales to tell from our incredible journey. Most of which I plan to blog here over the next several days as I emotionally and literally unpack. Some are likely to be as boring as can be but for the sake of my own personal record I don't care. If I don't recount events now I am liable to slink into the day-to-day and let things fade into my not so reliable memory. For this unseasoned traveler I can report that the last four weeks were just as amazing as I had hoped.

I have decided to backdate these posts to the actual dates instead of just letting them land when I blog them. Hopefully this makes sense to anyone who dares to read them, but for me it is mostly for that unreliable memory that I mentioned. The trip was from June 25-July 24, 2005. I have added a link for each day below just to avoid the confusion of the backward flow of blog.


DAY 1, St Eustache
DAY 2, Notre Dame, Arc de triomphe
DAY 3, Louvre video clips in this entry!
DAY 4, The Latin Quarter
DAY 5, Louvre
DAY 6, St Chapelle
DAY 6-dinner with friends
DAY 7, Musee D'orsay, Eiffel tower

DAY 9, Chartres Cathedral
DAY 10
DAY 11

DAY 12, Florence
DAY 13, Uffizi
DAY 13 continued, Baptistry
DAY 14, Duomo
DAY 15


DAY 16, 17 Montepulciano
DAY 18, Siena
DAY 19, Backroads
DAY 20, Sant Antimo, Montalcino
DAY 21, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano
DAY 22, Leaving Tuscany, onto Rome
DAY 23, Rome, Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Prassede
DAY 24, Rome, Vatican City, St Peter's, Trevi Fountain
DAY 25, Archeological Rome
DAY 25, (PART 2) Pantheon, Piazza Navona
DAY 26, Sistine Chapel
DAY 27, Dublin, Trinity College, Book of Kells
DAY 28, Christ Church Cathedral, Riverdance
DAY 29, Megalithic Ireland, High Crosses
DAY 29 (PART 2, Hill of Slane, Tara)


1 Comment

Blair, hey, it's Brook from SRC. So glad I discovered your blog! What an amazing, visually inspirational trip you experienced. And I love your artistic & spiritual ponderings. I'm bookmarking you. :)

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