goodbye florence, hello tuscany

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We pack up our stuff for the next destination which is a little villa in tuscany. This is the portion of the trip that I think will be a little more laid back and restful, once we get there. Turns out that getting there was more of a challenge than I first planned.

The original plan was to get on a train in florence and go to chuisi, rent a car and drive 20 minutes or so to our villa. But our train ended up being an hour late coming in so we took another that put us into chuisi at just after five oclock. Here we are desperately grabbing a snack before the train.


The car rental place was closed. These are small towns and you just don't snap your fingers for transportation so after some contemplation we boarded a train back to florence. From the florence train station we grabbed a cab to the airport where we could rent a car. Car rented we hit the road toward our destination in the tuscan countryside hoping to get there before dark. We didn't make it. The sun went down as we got near but it was completely dark when we found ourselves somewhat lost looking for the little dirt road that our remote villa was on. At one point we had taken a turn ending up in some farmers driveway begging directions without knowing the language. After several twist and turns, backtracks and begging directions Bryan somehow got us onto a road that he declared, "feels right". At 11:00 pm we are greeted by the caretaker, Maria Rosa. Having waited up for us she met Bryan exclaiming "Where have you been"!(we think judging by the hand gestures, we don't speak italian, she doesn't speak english). She managed to show us our villa while communicating that breakfast was between eight and nine am. Feeling bushed and a bit rattled I was refreshed by the charm of this little place. A two hundred year old stone cottage, the owner(who we met the next day) had remodeled it for several tenents but we were the only ones there and had the place to ourselves.

Click here to see our villa.

I didn't take many pictures of our villa because to my delight it looked just like the website.

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