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This was a working vacation and it was time for a "day off" which is really hard to do when there is so much to see. Making this choice was totally necessary considering the duration of the trip so today we opted for a day to sleep in, do a little shopping near our room, and basically chill. Bryan and I even took in a movie (english movie with french subtitles) which was really fun. Of course the movie we chose was the Interpreter which dealt with international issues and the UN the main character being a language interpreter. The combination of all that was a bit of a mind blower. At one point the character was speaking in french, and since we were in a french theater there were no subtitles for that which left us laughing in the dark. It was a good restful day.

Here is a shot of one of the "smart cars" that you see commonly driven all over europe. This one happens to sport an advertisement. Parking is scarce and gas is expensive so you see these half size vehicles zipping around everywhere. What was really funny was to see them parked sideways, two to a parking spot. We never saw an SUV.

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