sleeper car from paris to zurich

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Chartres to paris, paris to zurich (switzerland). Today I learned a valuable lesson. Don't get up at 5am to take pictures if you plan on taking a late sleeper train to another country the same day. It is killer. Lesson learned.


This part of the trip I had left somewhat open for a few days to if we so choose, go numerous directions with our eurail pass in hand. The choice to stay and extra day in paris and then go to chartres narrowed our travel choice as we were due in florence on the sixth (tomorrow). I had checked in advance about the possibilites but had not locked down a reservation for this part of our trip which meant that a direct train from paris to florence was not available. So we went through switzerland. This took some time sitting in the train station figuring out numerous iteneraries to offer the clerk at the window. We found that writing all the info down and pointing to it rather than trying to explain in another language was more direct and painless. Of course Bryan did this part. Daniel and I sat with our luggage until it was sorted out.

zurich train station the next morning



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