florence baptistry and service with the benedictines

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After the uffizi we wandered into the famous florence baptistry with its incredible mosaic dome.


After spending an our or so looking up we decided to move on and wander around florence some more. A friend of ours once said that if you go to florence you can't help but bump into churches, and it is true. We were wandering and discovered an interesting looking corridor just off the street, so we went in. We had stumbled into a benedictine monastery. Further snooping brought us into this little cathedral where several people dressed in white sat on their knees in silence. We quietly took our place at the back of the church. Apparently we were just in time for service. After a long period of silence and people trickling in, the service began. Most of it was in song by the monastic order wearing white. We looked on in wonder as one of the monks went down the eisle swinging the incensor filling the room with perfume signifying our prayers. It amazed me that this little building was crammed with priceless art. All was peaceful and quiet except for the crystal voices that were being raised by the nuns. Bryan carefully got up and walked to the other side of the back of this little church to do a little filming. The service continued until suddenly there was this awful, shrill sound of what I thought was a fire alarm. Maybe the incensor created too much smoke. The alarm stopped and the service continued. Turns out Bryan had leaned a little too close to one of the priceless works of art and tripped an alarm!

Inside the abby during the service.

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