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DAY 25 TUESDAY JULY 19 (second half)

After saying goodbye to our guide Grace we set off on our own to view more of the city. At this point we evaluate our stamina as it has been a pretty full day thus far. The delima is we leave tomorrow for Dublin and there is still so much of this city to explore. Fatigued, we go in search of ice cream.

Bryan consulting the map.


Bryan filling up at one of the many fountains.


On to the Pantheon.


Across from the pantheon we find our ice cream. Getting our flavors we get seated inside this little place with its perfect view of the pantheon and we take some time to relax. The owner is a gruff old guy that obviously take pride in serving us while simultaneously chases out an unwanted teenager who was seeking the bathroom (without buying anything). He barked at her to "Go AWAY"! A few moments later (no lie) a dozen french nuns cram into the little place. I guess when on a spiritual pilgrimage to rome one needs ice cream to keep up one's strength. Bryan, Daniel and I watched as this amazing/adorable/absurd group of women between ages 20ish to 80 in full nun atire shuffled around the two tables next to us as the proprietor arranged chairs to accomodate them. The proprietor spoke some french and so they began to give their orders of flavors as he gave them various taste samples. All very animated with an obvious mood of celebration, they chatted away, taking turns posing for pictures for each other waiting for their ice cream. It was a rare sight. I just kept thinking "what a wonderfully absurd experience this was, sitting in an ice cream parlor with a dozen nuns". Well, their orders came, enormous sundaes of various flavors and all expressed delight in various ways. I caught a glimpse of the oldest woman in the group taking her first bite and closing her eyes, another one clapping her hands. How often do nuns get ice cream? I dunno, but this was an obvious treat for this group and it was such a treat to watch. My only regret is that I chickened out and didn't take their picture.


Look! It's the Holy Hand-Grenade of Antioch!


On to Piazza Navona with its beautiful fountain (Fountain of the Rivers by Bernini). Artists have their work set up for sale and street performers are entertaining the tourists. More scaffolding(told ya) over Sant'Agnese in Agone church.


Here Daniel sits with his sketchbook in front of the fountain.


On more than one occasion was Daniel's hair a bit of a novelty.


Pigeons love the fountain.




I KNEW IT! The Holy Hand - Grenade of Antioch was real. Now my sons have a reason to visit Rome. While I visit the Cistine Chapel they can stand in awe and spout dialog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Yea!
Jordan thought that was the best picture yet, I can't wait for David to see it.

Sorry, That would be Sistine not Cistine

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