hilltowns of tuscany- monteriggioni, san gimignano

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Getting a late start we're off to find the charming hilltown of san gimignago. On the way we run into this little castle town of monteriggioni. Built in 13C, it was described in Dante's "Divine Comedy". In need of food we lunch at a little cafe inside the castle walls. The town square is abuzz with people setting up for some sort of fair. Turns out it is a medieval arts fair. How appropriate.


san gimignano

This fun little town was smaller that siena but with some great shops and atmosphere and unique towers. We even bumped into a contemporary gallery that Daniel spent a chunk of time in. After being steeped in historical art and all things old, that place was a nice break.



more intriguing door knockers.



Stop the car! We have sunflowers!



Bryan stopped the car on the side of the road at this location and we all had a laugh as I snapped a picture of this. Our Green Guide had a picture on the front with this same shot. We figured that the photographer had parked in the very same spot.


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Beautiful pictures! I've been vicariously enjoying the European vacation. Also, thought I'd share my own recent sunflower sighting: http://chris.halehouse.net/index.php?showimage=4.

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