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Please take a few minutes to explore our vast library of art and learn more about the artists who make all the beautiful images that our subscribers rave about. Meet some of the artists and discover what makes avisualplanet.com tick.

brent anderson

You have come to a unique place that not only values

the pursuit of visual worship in the global worship community

but also values the artist.

aaron flake

ann martin

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marta tompkins

kathy mellin

spencer burke

phil graves

steven faucette

cory callahan

jen lemen

daniel anderson

trish richhart

jason robinson

james d. phenicie

jennie armour

steven w. dahl

keith turner

jason moore

anne goodrich

anita roach

richard williams

blair anderson

david hayward

ron anderson

bonnie widmaier

rob spain

doug bradbury

valerie hiebert

chris ediger

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the desire to create beauty is a divine calling placed in the heart of every artist. we at avisualplanet.com highly regard this calling and wish to encourage every artist in their pursuit of that calling.

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Meet the artists...

who are they?

Planet artists are independent creatives of various disciplines and backgrounds that find a home for their work on the planet. Their art is then accessed by churches from all over the world for use in visual worship and media ministry.

Planet artists receive revenues based on their contribution of images and the demand from subscribers. Every artist is different and therefore the revenues they receive differ. Artists maintain complete copyright for their work while on the planet, and benefit from the exposure they receive by being a part of the artist community.

all styles and mediums

gordon ashbridge