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Color tools: 


A great tool for defining a color palette from a single image. No more guessing what colors to use to compliment an image.


Browse, create, share and download color schemes with this free online tool from Adobe Labs.Comprehensive color references [HSV, RGB, CMYK, LAB and HEX] makes this a useful tool for print as well as screen design. Color schemes can be downloaded for integration with Adobe Creative Suite.


Online tool for developing color schemes with RGB and HEX color references. Basic but effective interface, including functions for sharing or downloading your colors.


Color-wheel based color generator with a clever drop-down menu that lets you test what your color schemes look like for people with 8 different types of color blindness.

DeXign Pantone Color chart

A very handy online color chart from deXign that provides color swatches and the closest RGB and HEX equivalent for the full range of Pantone colors.

Color resources:


Popular and feature-rich application for developing color schemes. Also features online galleries, color forums and a blog.


DHTML Dynamic Color Picker and Dashboard Widget


Visual Color Picker is a free Windows application that lets you to capture the color value from any position of the screen and translate it into  RGB, HSV, CMYK and HEX values.


Color reference charts online and as hard copies.


Online-community-style color site featuring galleries, forums, articles and job-shop

Color standards:


The site of the International Color Consortium, the organization responsible for defining the ICC color profile standard and for setting international standards for color management.


The company behind the internationally used Pantone color matching system.

Color theory:


One of the most comprehensive online resources for color theory and advice.

Wikipedia Color theory

A good primer in color theory from Wikipedia


A range of color related information, resources and links.

Causes of Color

An interesting and unusual site that looks at the characteristics, effects and significance of color.

an example of digital art, this image from the visual string titled “broken and blind” was created by compositing three digital photos together. You can find the entire set here.

Design Tools

Photoshop Brushes


Royalty free Photoshop brushes.

myPhotoshop brushes





Quality vector graphics for download.

Tips and Tutorials


Some simple tips to spice up your designs. Free files to download.

Free fonts:

1001 Free Fonts 
Jason Nolan's site is a treasure trove for those in search of the latest and most eye-catching free fonts on the Web. Here, you'll find a strong collection of freeware fonts and dingbats. All the fonts featured here are listed with the creators' permission, so you won't find any fonts of dubious origin. Unlike many font collections on the Web, here you'll find links to the sites where each font originated.


The fast, userfriendly, no-nonsense interface makes this site worth a look


Comprehensive categories makes it fairly easier to find what you're after, and there's a handy character-map for each font so you can check if it includes any special characters and symbols you require


[PC truetype format only]


Fonts by the uncrowned king of the free font world: Ray Larabie


A handfull of high quality free fonts by Jos Buivenga


Grunge fonts by Eduardo Recife

Pixel fonts:


A nicely turned collection of pixel fonts which includes a type tester so you can check what your text would look like before you choose which one to download.


A good range of interesting pixelfonts

Alvit.de: 25 best licence free pixelfonts

A list of the best free pixelfonts available, compiled by Vitaly Friedman

Online font tools:


typesetter: incredibly useful and easy to use tool for comparing type on screen


Identify and find fonts based on characteristics, name or similarities to other fonts


Helps you identify fonts based on scanned images of the typeface in question.


A comprehensive listing of font tools, vendors, and even some management software.

and more...

A well-designed site that offers over 13,000 free fonts for download

This is an essential site for anyone in search of the latest and greatest free fonts on the Web.

At this site, you'll find a broad range of over 4,000 free fonts, with new selections added regularly.

Tilman Schalmey's fast-growing resource serves up over 1,600 free fonts, arranged alphabetically.

Font Search Engine 
Looking for a specific font? This useful site offers over 10,000 free fonts and features a search engine, so you can quickly find what you need.

Urban Fonts 
This site offers a good, searchable roundup of free fonts and dingbats for PC and Mac.

Here, you'll find over 16,000 free fonts, as well as an online custom graphics generator

Font management software:

Linotype FontExplorerX

Linotype's easy-to-use, versatile, feature-packed and not least FREE font management application for Mac OS X


FontCatalog shows fonts automatically grouped by categories and styles, which makes font searching faster and easier


Extensis Suitcase and Font Reserve font management applications for Windows and Mac

Printer's apprentice

Font management software by Lose Your Mind Development


Create a handwriting font from your own handwriting

Digital art creation has many definitions and even more approaches. The tool combination is as individual as the art you make. Here are just a few resources that we have found helpful.

artist resources