a little about me...

  1. Looking back over the years there were many people who influenced my love for the arts. The one that jumps out most is my Art Instructor Mr. Gilham, who steered me in the direction of photography. Very quickly I was winning scholastic achievement awards. Little did I know then that God was using so many different people in my life to mold me into the person he desired me to be.

  2. Years later I found myself sitting in a worship design meeting at Cornerstone United Methodist Church in West Chester, Ohio about to take a huge leap of faith. Our only media designer needed to step back and take a break. Yes I was creative, but I had never done anything with PowerPoint or Photoshop. I have been continually amazed at how every week for the past six years He has taught me so many new things and has provided everything that was needed.

  3. I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to share God's story in new and unique ways. Looking ahead I can hardly wait to see where God leads me on this awesome journey.

jennie armour


Ohio, USA

art form:

digital art


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