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it's about the ministry

Our unlimited subscription model means that you can take whatever you need for your ministry. Over and over we hear from subscribers who have smaller budgets or are just planting a church, how valuable this is. We do not consider what we do a product to be purchased. We consider ourselves partners in your ministry.



If you choose to use our resource we encourage you to use it as you need it. This may mean that you can only join for a month. That's ok. Join, take what you need, and cancel. If you are part of a larger ministry with a budget, we hope that you support us by joining for three months or even a year. In God's economy we feel it balances out.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you find our service useful.

it's about the artists

We believe that artists have a prophetic voice. What each artist creates through their work reflects their culture, what God has to say to the world through them, and their unique journey with God. We encourage this because it leads to a true uncensored voice. We believe this fosters a depth in content beyond simple title graphics.

Founded in 2001, avisualplanet.com was the first online subscription resource to provide quality original screen art for ministry. Now we have subscribers in 36 countries. With a 24.95 monthly subscription we are proud that we remain the most generous option on the web.

There are three things I'd like to share that I think makes us pretty special.

it's the ministry, silly!

okay the world we live in is a commercial world, but the church is in the world is to be salt and light, and that means doing things differently.

you're just crazy…

that's what we heard when we told people our business model: $25 for unlimited downloads, cancel anytime. no $5 per-image thing, no credits to calculate, no set length on subscriptions. in theory, a person could download our whole library for the price of a video loop. this is not a money-making scheme. but it is a ministry-making scheme.

coins in the mouths of fishes.

we think God provides in times of need, but if we can help, we're going to try. avisualplanet was started for churches who needed ministry media resources quickly and easily. and we love to help out ministries that are just getting started and might not have the budget for some of those expensive resources out there. that is why we began our start-up-planet program. let us know if your ministry needs a little boost. we are happy to help.


blair anderson,

founder, artist, and CEO (Chief Executive Orbiter)

it's about the future

It is important to lead by doing. At the beginning of avisualplanet.com, almost ten years ago, it was clear to me that what we did with visuals in the context of church was not to be taken lightly. Imagery is a very powerful vehicle for communication because it is instantaneous and can be indelible. Its creation and usage should be done with integrity, quality, and sensitivity. And imagery is universal and crosses language barriers which is why our subscribers are all over the world.

our philosophy

you can find this image in photography/people..