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what they say...

[avisualplanet.com is] a helpful website for visuals to be used in worship music projection and other educational venues.

– Brian McLaren,

author of Finding Faith, and

A Generous Orthodoxy

Imagery for God-encounters. avisualplanet.com raises

the bar.

– Sally Morgenthaler

author of Worship Evangelism

Over the years we have heard people say some nice things about the art we make and the service we provide. Here are just a few of their comments...

Thank you for the service you are providing. You have some quality images. God bless you

in your endeavors.

– Nathan Smith,

Pastor of Worship and Music

New Hope Community Church,

Bryan Ohio

Just wanted to let you know that the site has been so effective in helping me reach the needs of the teens I serve. The quality, variety, and creativity of the site is unmatched. Your images have become the "stained glass" of the current generation by facilitating our "telling of the story." Thanks for a great site and even greater customer service. It is rare that you find the quality of product AND service that I have found with avisualplanet.com.

– David Skidmore,

North Boulevard Church of Christ,

Murfreesboro, TN

Thank you for such a great service and product;

hands down the best of your kind.

– Jose Skinner,

Director of Worship and Creative Arts

Sierra Bible Church, EFCA

Reno, NV

“hands down the best of your kind.”

"avisualplanet.com is the premier online source of worship images for the emerging church"

– Youth Specialties

Being that I am both a pastor and an artist I am all too familiar with how conversations about God are often centered around God's thoughts and agendas related to human affairs. We often refer to these conversations as "theology."The art on avisualplanet is a reminder that there should be another component to our theology and that is the beauty of God.

– Jimi Calhoun

author of Rhythm and Grace: Healing The

Racial Divide

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Your resources are a huge find and to say we're thrilled is truly an understatement.

– Cami Arend,

Victory, New Zealand

I love using the planetpacks

and visual strings.

– Diane Crosby

NRD Marketing