avisualplanet - backgrounds, videos, images, and other media for worship presentation in church


what do I get by being a planet artist?

serving the global church community
The rewards of being part of a collective community devoted to create beautiful work for worship communication. Our artists care primarily about serving the global church with their gifts.


A webpage is built with a photo and a bio of the artist along with the artist's planet portfolio. Artist pages are linked to the main pages of avisualplanet.com. The artist's planet page can be linked to a professional artist's home page for the purpose of advertising his/her service. Every image submission will be captioned with the artist's name so that even when retrieved by a keyword, a subscriber will know who the artist is.


Once an artist's work is uploaded and approved it is keyworded and added to the site. Download tracking begins the moment the artwork is approved and is accessible to subscribers. Artists of the planet receive revenue from their work based on how much it is downloaded by planet subscribers. Downloads of images are tracked and calculated. All images that are downloaded by a unique user 1 gives the artist's their points. Revenue is determined by the number of points an artist receives and how many subscribers there are in a given month. A percentage over and above planet expenses 2 of planet revenues are thrown into the community pot. This pot is shared by all the contributing artists based on their points earned 3.  (see revenue calculation example at right.)

1. if a member of the planet downloads an image more than once, credit is only earned for the first download.

2. planet expenses fluctuate based on the number of subscribers, advertising, internet hosting costs, and other overhead.

3. avisualplanet.com cannot guarantee artist's revenue. Points are acquired only if the artist's work is in demand and being downloaded by subscribers.

how does an artist increase their revenue?

If a particular artist has more images on the site the likelihood of the images being downloaded is greater.

If a particular artist has a popular style the likelihood of the images being downloaded is greater.

If a particular artist has popular content the likelihood of the images being downloaded is greater.


revenue calculation example

To calculate the revenue allotment for each artist in a given month, the total revenue (after planet expenses) for that month is divided by the total number of media files downloaded in that month. This yields a per file value for that month.

The revenue for an artist that month then equals the number of media files downloaded that month times the per file value calculated for that month.

for example

If the community pot for that month (after planet expenses) was $90.00 and the total images downloaded was 300 the per file value for that month would equal $.30.

In that month, there were 5 planet artists with active images. Their revenue would be calculated as follows...

  1. • if artist A had 200 images downloaded they would make $60.00 (200 images x .30)
    • if artist B had 70 images downloaded they would make $21.00
    • if artist C had 10 images downloaded they would make $3.00
    • if artist D had 2 images downloaded they would make $.60
    • if artist E had 18 images downloaded they would make $5.40



Artists will not make oodles of dough through avisualplanet. The revenue program is designed to honor artists for their contributions to the ministry but due to the unique subscription membership model employed by avisualplanet, artists should view image submissions to the planet as an involvement in a greater global ministry. Although revenue is a potential benefit to the artist, the real benefit is the advertising exposure gained from their avisualplanet.com artist page.

being an artist on the planet

would you like to be an artist on the planet?

apply now!

it’s easy.

  1. 1.submit some samples and some info.

  2. 2.be approved and receive your artist ID.

  3. 3.upload your work.

  4. 4.receive revenue for your work!

artists are chosen based on 4 criteria:

  1.   composition

  2.         quality

  3.               content

  4.                     uniqueness

being selected...