avisualplanet - backgrounds, videos, images, and other media for worship presentation in church


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it's been a long journey, not an overnight success.

once upon a time...

In 2001, Blair Anderson (loving wife, mother, and professional photographer and graphic designer) had a library of 1,500 images created for the church where she served. After their sunday use, however, these images didn't do much. it seemed other churches could use this rich content—the only challenge was to make it available.

With a wacky business plan that still doesn't make dollar sense and the two giz-headed male sidekicks, Bryan (husband) and Daniel (son) providing their technical expertise,  avisualplanet.com was born.

keeping it in the family

It would be fair to call avisualplanet.com a family operation, even though it's grown to include an extended family of other artists from around the world. But the family aspect of the service probably won't change, and we think that's a good thing.

Now with over 15,000 images and motions you will still find Blair making art for the weekly upload, and if you have ever needed customer service, it is Bryan that you would have talked to or emailed with. and you may catch a glimpse of all three on a photo shoot somewhere on the planet.

blair anderson

artist, founder, and CEO

(Chief Executive Orbiter)

family owned, family operated

daniel anderson

web design extraordinaire,

planet artist

bryan anderson

technical wizard, customer service guru