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A different way to think about creative genius - a talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love

In our opinion Elizabeth Gilbert gives a healthy perspective on what it means to be an artist. Taking a historical look at the artist as “genius” she pops the balloon of ego while encouraging the true value of the work of the artist. Eighteen minutes well spent.


I do not literally paint that table, but the emotion it produces upon me.

Henri Matisse

It takes many things to fuel the creative fire. From understanding yourself as an artist to creative prompters that might get you going. Here are a few things we find inspiring.

How To Be Creative

by Hugh Macleod

This fabulous manifesto should be read by every artist. Hugh shares his principles for pursuing the art that you love contrasting the practical aspects of why you shouldn’t quit your day job. Both humorous and right on the mark, this little gem of inspiration is a free download. Thanks a million Hugh.


Image A Journal of the Arts & Religion

A literary and arts quarterly for the best writing and artwork that is informed by religious faith. Filled with visual art, poetry, short stories, and articles, Image elevates the work of artists as well as inspires.


from the artist’s mouth

for the nightstand

The Artist’s Way

The best book, workbook, and re-read and online resource we have seen dealing with artist’s block from a spiritual point of view. Even if you are not blocked you will find new insights and revelation into your work and your process. For this title and more on creativity, go to our amazon store.


artist resources

get the popcorn

Sometimes the perfect thing to get the juices flowing is viewing other artists in their creative process. We recomend INSPIRATIONS