a little about me...

  1. I am a stay at home mom to three kids. Garret, Raelyn and Brenna. I have been married to Dave for almost 8 years. I love art, painting, scrapbooking, working outside in the yard, listening to good music and sleeping in (although that doesnt happen ever!)

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bonnie widmaier


Greenville, Tennesee, USA

art form:

traditional media, painting


artist statment

  1. “I am curious about life and how often we are touched by painful situations. My current paintings are a visual journal dealing with the heartache of miscarriage and my journey to motherhood. I choose to include personal symbols that relate to these events. This provides a starting point for all my paintings. As I begin to build up layers of color and texture I interweave these personal symbols as well as organic and botanical forms.

  2. I work with acrylics in very thin transparent layers. The use of water gives the paint a spontaneois and fluid quality. Patterning and repetition take place through the dripping of the paint. The various combinations of horizontal and vertical lines create a grid-like system. This has become a dominant element in my work and gives order to the painting in an imperfect way.

  3. The thin layers show the passage of time during the creation process. Some of the formal structures are submerged beneath the layers, while others rise to the surface. Other elements appear to hover in front of the painting adding to the optical depth of the work. The rhythms of the foreground and background pushing back and forth are like music to me.

  4. The repetitive act of painting things and then covering them back up again is like peering at possibilities through many layers of obstacles.”