a little about me...

  1. Ron Anderson was born and raised in Easley, South Carolina. Since childhood, he had an interest in photography, taking photos on family vacations. Soon after getting married, Ron quickly developed a seriousness and passion for the art. With the encouragement of his wife, he began entering local and national competitions. His photography has since been featured in publications such as The Best of Photography Annual 2002 (Hardcover), a Scenic Calendar produced for the Cradle of Forestry, and a special edition of a Rand McNally Road Atlas. His photography has also been in local galleries such as the Spartanburg Museum of Art and the DownTownes Gallery in Greenville, SC. He soon realized that this passion he had been pursuing was actually a gift from God. "I couldn't know how to produce great images myself." He says, "it has to be a gift." Ron ultimately knows that when people admire his photography, they are really admiring God's beautiful and marvelous creation, and that he had simply been there to release the shutter.

  2. Ron now lives in Campobello, South Carolina with his wife, Miranda, their daughter, Rebekah, and their dog, Khaki.

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ron anderson


Campobello, South Carolina, USA

art form:

photography, fine art, illustration