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terms and conditions for planet artists

  1. 1. All artist's submissions must be original created by the artist.

  2. 2. Artists retain their copyright but grant limited release of their images in the format used by avisualplanet.com unless otherwise agreed upon

  3. 3. avisualplanet.com cannot guarantee artist's revenue. Revenue points are acquired only if the artist's work is in demand and being downloaded

  4. 4. avisualplanet.com will disclose to the artist the number of image downloads they have every month the artist is a planet artist.

  5. 5. avisualplanet.com reserves the right to discontinue any planet artist for any reason at any time. Reasons may include but are not limited to an artist misrepresenting themselves or their work.

  6. 6. avisualplanet.com will not distribute the artist's work in any other form than a web downloadable jpg image, unless otherwise agreed upon by the artist and avisualplanet.com.

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