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It is a parent’s greatest nightmare, hearing the news that there was a terrible accident, that your 8 year old daughter tried to help a distressed driver resulting in her being thrown from the car killing her instantly.

Story behind the image

It was mid morning when Bryan got the call. As I watched him with the phone, his face went white, and then the words, “What hospital? I’ll be right there.”

One of the members of our praise team had just lost his daughter in a car accident.

All the senior pastors of our church were either out of town or unavailable. My husband, Bryan was in a lessor pastoral role of Director of Arts, which meant he lead the worship team, wrote the music, and coordinated the services. It also meant that he (and I) was involved in the lives of the people who served as artists, musicians, and volunteers.

We did life together.

Today that meant something heart wrenchingly difficult. Bryan would stand by a friend while he identified the body of his 8 year old daughter Lindsay Grace.

One can only imagine the loss.

As our church community drew together in support of the Lazo family we watched as they handled this horrific tragedy with supernatural grace born of a strong faith. As volunteers helped with planning a memorial service, I was tasked with creating a visual presentation of this beautiful little girl. After spending hours looking at the various pictures, birthday parties, school portraits, Christmas, and other family photos it struck me that Lindsay was always smiling. It was gut wrenching. I couldn’t fathom how this family was enduring this pain, if just looking at the pictures brought me to tears. For the next few days, weeks and months I found myself holding my own son just a little tighter.

Phil and Karen Lazo treated the memorial as a celebration, complete with balloons and goodie bags for all the children that Lindsay knew. Their trust in God in such a tragedy was put into action in the building of a community playground in Lindsay’s name and in the establishing of HOPE QUEST, a non profit organization that helps those experiencing deep personal tragedy.

After the memorial Phil and Karen asked me to produce an image that showed their home weathering a storm in God’s hands. This became an image on the planet as well as a cover for a CD single of a song written by Phil called “Trust”.

Phil wrote this song two years before the accident and recorded it shorly after.

written by Blair Anderson

As well as being the founder of avisualplanet and one of its artists Blair is also a contributing author to Christianity Today’s: Gifted for Leadership

  1. Trust

  2. written by Phil Lazo

  3. If I had to choose between my child and my God...

  4. and if the Lord said, "Obey and Sacrifice."

  5. How would I react, and what would I say?

  6. How would I respond, and what would I pray?

  7. Chorus:

  8. I'd pray "Yes, Lord, I trust You,

  9. no matter how hard it might be.

  10. Yes, Lord, I trust You,

  11. even though I'm blind and can't see.

  12. You are my God and you know the way;

  13. No matter what happens, with You I'll stay...

  14. and trust."

  15. If all my hopes and dreams, were somehow stripped away;

  16. And if my world collapsed and fear gripped my days;

  17. How would I react, and what would I say?

  18. How would I respond, and what would I pray?

  19. Chorus

  20. When the lightening flashes and when the thunder rolls;

  21. When the ocean crashes, in on my poor soul;

  22. I have nowhere else to turn and nowhere else to go

  23. But to the arms of Jesus, the only Savior that I know...

  24. Chorus

the Lazo house

Matthew 7:25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.