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You're down to the wire and don't know what to put on the screens. A PlanetPack is 4 or more images designed to build a service quickly. A new set will appear for your weekly use. Each set includes: main image, worship background, supplementary background, and meditational verse.

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free "books of the bible" backgrounds!

Create a consistent look for all you scripture references in a service. Our complete sets of bible backgrounds also include a blank background to use for song lyrics or other text overlays.

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free visual string!

VisualStrings are groups of still images you can place end to end to create a quick multimedia. you get the look of high-end video without the high end demands on your computer.

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free title set

From our Scripture Titles, The Woman at the Well is an 8 image set with Titles, Backgrounds, Subtitles, and a Lower Third.

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Thanks for visiting and filling out the form. We think you'll find avisualplanet has a wide variety of content to use in your services and events. Our artists work very hard to bring forth their very best in photography, fine art, and digital art.

All the items on this page are yours to use, and are the same quality and size that our members have access to.

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