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fine art

Find the tools you need, where to get them, some info on new ways to use them and places to show your work.


Quick links to product comparisons, the folks who make the gear, and some places to learn about the art of photography.

digital art

Digital art creation has many definitions and even more approaches. The tool combination is as individual as the art you make. Here are just a few resources that we have found helpful.


What keeps you inspired? Here are a few things that we like to refer to when thinking about living the creative life.

fine craft

If you like to work with your hands we have a list of resources especially for you.


Every artist has their favorite tools, and we have ours. We list some of them here as well as a host of other resources that may be helpful.

Whatever your artistic discipline, if you have a favorite supplier, instructional tool, or other link that you love that we can add to our list to share with other artists, let us know about it here.

artist resources

Check out our selection of books for all kinds of artistic disciplines at our amazon store.

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How can I become 
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The Exnihio Project: building a retreat
for artists

  1. Learn more about this amazing place where artists will be able to go and refresh the soul. Designed to be a haven for personal creative endeavor, Exnihilo is located on a small island in The Bahams. Here, artists will be able to rest, reflect, and work in their chosen medium for an extended period of time.

  1. learn more about it
    the philosophy behind it, who gets to go, where it is located.

  2. how you can help build the dream
    donate your skills, time, or your treasure.

  3. call for entry;
    artist beta testers application
    be the first to experience the retreat. stay for a week for free and give us your feedback.

coming soon!