zip collections

When you download an item from avisualplanet, you'll receive the contents in a zip file. If you start a download by clicking the download* button under an item, you'll receive that item in a zip file. In the case of collections and albums, zip files allow us to bundle multiple files together into a single download. As a result, collections and albums could contain more than one file type. In other words, when you download a collection or an album the zip file you receive may have stills, videos, and even other zip files contained in the single download.

Depending how your computer is configured, the zip may expand automatically or you may have to manually initiate that process. Most computers have the capability to expand zip files built in. If your computer does not, a good option is the free version of Stuffit Expander.

Once you unzip a dowload from avisualplanet, you'll see everything you selected neatly organized into folders that echo the organization on avisualplanet. Items you receive by clicking the download* button under an image will not be in folders.

* these features are only available to members