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today's offering from the muse is clearly part of a series (albeit somewhat involuntary on my part, but hey who can argue with a muse). Irises is almost finished here but needs a little tightening up. Third in line behind poppies and tuscan sunflowers, (grass is not done yet) this could almost be a triad except this one has more texture. That is thanks to Daniel using the canvas originally only to be unsatisfied with the piece he painted and gessoing it over.

So I guess technically this was painted by two artists ;-)

That texture was kind of fun to work with and around although it did take me in a different direction that may feel too frenetic compared to the more fluid other two.

Anyway, I am friends with the muse again. Yea!

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PHENOMENAL COLORS! very different choice for you. Take lots of pictures at the show. Well, have Bryan. Then ROAD TRIP! Can't wait. Mom is really excited about it.

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