artist date: tomatoes and poppies


So today I get to play. Taking my friday was a challenge because other tasks keep calling, tugging at the responsible side of me... wait, isn't taking an artist date the responsible thing to do? oh yea... i keep forgetting that to function as an artist and a human being i need to keep honoring this ritual. someone just hit me over the head please.

So... outdoors to get my hands dirty. Learning about organic gardening has sent me down the trail for home made insecticides. Tomato leaf tea... kills aphids. And to my amazement the tomatoes I planted a few weeks ago are HUGE. Waist high so I caged them. This is another added victory for me...another plant I didn't kill. Though lets wait to see if I actually get any tomatoes ;-)

Then going inside from the heat I picked up a brush and did my best impression of blair doing impressionism. Poppies in a field emerged as I painted. No thin places today, the other muse was the one awake this time. She seems to like broad strokes, bold colors, and big canvas. The thin places muse must be on summer vacation or maybe she has moved on completely. Who knows.

Field of Poppys


herbs and tomatoes



The garden looks promising. The painting is great. For someone who doesn't really like red you have been visiting it a lot lately. I keep wanting to turn this one horizontally for some reason. I keep standing at my computer and leaning over sideways to look at it from that angle. Not sure why just seemed to need to. Glad you kept your artist date. I'm sure it was hard considering all the work you have waiting in the back yard. Keep us posted on progress always like to see what you are doing.

a very convincing impression! Tell me, has Daniel made you want to paint big giant paintings?

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