just another step in a thousand toward our artist retreat

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It is a silly little thing really, but every little inch forward makes me smile. Bryan registered a domain name for our dream.

Exnihilo (out of nothing)

So we have a little website for our mondo beyondo project. Right now there is really nothing there except some rotating pictures. I will begin working on the branding of it in my spare time, but for now there is a shell...it makes me smile. It has no content yet, except the groovy weather info. Later we will add all the updates as we begin to build, some text about what we are intending for artists as they visit, etc...

Ok it is kind of silly we are years away...

But Bryan woke up this morning and, referring to the traffic noise outside our bedroom window, said, "Can you change that to say... the sound of waves crashing on the rocks?"

Yes we are obsessed. Both of us.

We are 42 years old, and if when we are fifty we can be listening to our waves, awaiting to greet our visiting artists and other hungry souls giving them space for inspiration while being inspired in our own work... I'd say that's worth a little obsession.

True, hard reality pushes hard in the opposing direction which is probably why a dose of obsession is necessary. I decided a few days ago that I was going to start some sort of journal that specifically tracks each step, the dates, and the gritty, not-so-fun details of the progress of this little dream. Because this stage (the dreamy part) is easy. Of course there have already been challenging steps taken, but my gut tells me that the truly hard stuff is in front of us. One of the big roadblocks is finances.

Truth be told, we are insane. ;-)

So I figure a journal that tracks the ups and downs might be fun to look back on one day. And it might encourage others in the possibility of following their obsession...

one step at a time.

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Just to let you know after the week I've had you are the smart ones and the least insane people I know.

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