mondo beach


After the wedding although we are invited to Max's for the festivities we have something important to take care of so we decline. Presley, Bryan, Daniel and I pile into the car and head toward the southern end of the island. One last look before we have to leave in a few days. Bryan also had the brilliant notion of taking home some of our beach in a bottle. So we do a little sand collecting and I begin to make big letters in the sand with my feet. When I am finished writing Presley looking puzzled asks (in that deep bahamian accent)...

"Miss Blair, Wha tis M-O-N-D-O?"

"It is a long story Presley, a long story".

But I don't leave him hanging and actually attempt to explain the notion of Mondo Beyondo (Thank you Andrea Scher) and he doesn't look any less puzzled but gives me a big smile anyway.



TOTALLY MONDO!!! Love all the pics and what amazing stories sounds like such a wonderful place. SO WHEN DO WE START BUILDING I'LL HELP.

Hey, Jordan just asked me if you might be adding a recording studio to this artist retreat. HMMM....

That is a question for my husband, but I am pretty sure the answer is yes to a recording studio.

As far as when we build...that is the next MONDO thing.

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