working with albums

to see your current selections, click the my album button in the green bar. all the images you've selected by clicking the my album button below an image will be shown. you need to click the green my album button before you can download an album.

you can download individual images by clicking the download this image button below each image. this button is not available to guests.
if you're satisfied with the selections in your album, click the download button to download your files directly to your computer. files will be downloaded in ZIP format.
do you work with a team or need to collaborate? the email button can help! email your selections to a friend or members of your creative team and they'll see the selections they've chose. if they have been working on an album they can add your images to theirs, but their selections will be maintained.

you can also use the email button to move your selections from one computer to another. if you've made selections at home you won't see them if you log on at the office. you can email the album to your office address and pick up the same images there.
click the clear my album button to clean out your album and start over.

basic navigation

clicking the top button takes you to the top of the media bank area of you can jump between media banks at this point.
looking for inspiration? click the random button and surf through all of the media in the media bank area you're in.
want to see the latest and stuff that's been added to the planet? click the new button to find content that's been added in the last 7 days or so in the media bank area you're in.
view the next page in the current set of images you're looking at.
view the previous page in the current set of images you're looking at.

viewing slide shows

click play to view a slideshow of your collection.
while in slideshow mode, this stops playback.
while in slideshow mode, this stops playback and closes the window.