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A lovely day indeed thanks to my wonderful husband. Wandering the National Harbor with lunch at Rosa Mexicano, some of the unique mexican food I have ever had. It was a treat to have guacamole created tableside.


Walking around in the cold, Bryan gave me a cashmere scarf ("you may need this")a gift he bought in Boston. Shopping National Harbor revealed a few little gems like the only Peeps store in the world. Yea, you heard me... Peeps.


After some shopping I was treated to a 90 minute massage at the Pearl followed by dinner at Iron Bridge. I came home to flowers and a card, champagne and a cuddle-up on the couch while watching Sex in the City 2.

Yes... completely over the top. If I knew where you could find another one like Bryan I probably wouldn't tell you, But I am pretty sure he is the only one.


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Sounds wonderful. Bryan's definitely a keeper!

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