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interesting connections

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Dina, a design gifted gal walked into my studio for a private session with some previous experience from college. A little studio time and she was creating some really nice pieces.


one degree of separation

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A wonderful person came into my studio inquiring about a class. I launch into my blurb on what I teach and we continue to chat and make a wonderful connection. She is gracious and humble beyond words which becomes even more evident when I google who she is.

Wendy Ross.

And she wants to take a class from me.

After shaking off the hero worship and intimidation, I tell her, "Wendy, what could I possibly teach you?"

You see Wendy is a world class sculptor. She is major league.

But she tells me that she wants to go small and would love to learn from me. So she signs up for one of my workshops.

What fun, and what a wonderful person. Although I was able to impart some tiny bits of skill to her, she was also encouraging to me by commenting on some of my work in progress. Especially her take on lighting, which is a huge deal in her work, and something that I have never really considered in the art of jewelry... where the light hits the piece. This was a revelation.

Iron sharpens iron.


Bonnie & Wendy, later at my show opening in July.

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