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chili for a chilly day

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Friday, after spending two hours on the freeway getting home with all the other poor saps that thought it was a good idea to leave early in preparation for the storm, I cooked a big pot of chili to take off the chill. The snow started to fall around nine pm and by saturday morning we had a foot. It snowed all day saturday and by late afternoon our deck looked like this:


The down side is that everything closes and no one moves. The upside is that everything closes and nothing moves. Happy to turn it into a party, Bryan and I read books, watched movies and football, and basically goofed off. Nice when mother nature forces you to take a "snow day".


grand opening of the studio

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It was a great night and before I new it it was over. After preparing the space and setting out the food, people started to show up and at that point I didn't have the presence of mind to grab the camera to show how many people you can actually fit in an 8' x 30' space! It was cozy and a lot of fun. Thanks to all of our friends who attended and made the evening a huge success.

cubbies filled with artwork.
illustration of "Journey" in process.
food for the opening.

new signage


The new signage for my little corner of the park got put up right before my grand opening. Makes it seem more official somehow doesn't it?



playing hooky


It may be gushy and annoying, and maybe even unbelievable, but Bry and I do not do well when we are apart. We don't sleep well, we don't function well, and we just miss each other terribly. And recently he was assigned to do some traveling for work that required him to be gone for a few days and back a few and then gone again. Five of these trips all while I was setting up my new studio was pretty intense and stressful. When he came home sunday night only to leave agin monday we decided...

enough is enough.

And since this last trip was by train I jumped on with him.

Besides, I have been working non-stop and finished my first class on saturday. I have not taken a day off other than thanksgiving, and even that weekend was spent working.

time to play a little hooky.

in philly.

Turns out Amtrak is a wonderful thing. And it is stress free compared to all the wasted time spent preparing and going through security for the "time saver that is air travel". After buying a ticket on a whim, and boarding within minutes, luggage in hand without being scanned, puffed with air, or cavity searched, I am totally sold on train travel.

Stealing away a little time like dinner, breakfast, and maybe even a few hours sight seeing before his gig, Bryan and I are playing hooky.

a very cool market... a section just for cheese... need I say more?


dinner at the continental... yea.


first class first snow

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Looking out the studio window this morning and watching the rain turn into the first snow of the season. I give my first class in the new space today.

a day of firsts.

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