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Started this last wednesday. I was completely ambushed by the muse on this one, with no plans of painting at all. Spending time with our dear friends, the Myers, prompted some sort of depiction of their family and the beauty of their relationships to one another. I was also somewhat confounded by the muse's choice of palette, as it is not what I would have chosen off the top of my head, and I confess really wrestling with it as I painted.


This was a true example of just showing up at the canvas and holding on for dear life. And it is going to required the same sort of follow up as I have NO idea where it is supposed to go.

quite the ride.

So, I will be obedient to the next appointment and pick up my brush and paint and see what comes next. All I know is the "feeling" of the family in our presence, and I am assuming the muse needs to coax it out of me.


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