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Spent the weekend finishing up stuff for Artomatic, namely the kiosk which is the interactive part of my display. Faced with the small space and wanting in the worst way to show more of the collection this was a great solution. It helps to have a husband that is so technically savy that the putting something like this together is simply a series of problems to solve, which for him is all sport. He pulled off getting the thing to be unhackable while I designed the presentation pages to function almost like a website.

just without the wi-fi.

With that kind of communication tool it became more difficult knowing what NOT to add rather that what to add. So the "site" has a page for each painting, a press page, a bio page, a page that explains my process, and even a page to sign and leave a comment (hence the need for a keyboard). Hopefully it will be a good resource for the folk truly interested in the work and not just a magnet for anyone thinking that it is an open internet terminal. As we were leaving I overheard the 12 year old son of another artist regarding my kiosk with excitement thinking it was a game. Imagine his disappointment when he begins clicking and getting nothing but my art!

At any rate it is another example of us going a little overboard. After designing a single page about exnihilo, as sort of an afterthought I ended up going back and spending a whole day designing four pages for any artist interested in participating in our bahamas dream. And Bryan spent time programming the form to dispense the names into a database.

Yea, overboard.

The hard thing about gauging whether the effort is worth the results is you can really never tell until something is done if there will be results. And so, Bryan and I making fun of ourselves all weekend, concluded that you have to do this kind of thing for yourself, and be happy with whatever the outcome may be.


Here is the kiosk. I disguised the big white imac frame with a piece of masonite that I painted to compliment the rest of the display.

finding oneself


I think it is done, but I am contemplating it as another thin place, which means portals. Unsure. Spurning yardwork and other work I spent all weekend working on it (which was blissful). I don't think it will be dry in time to show for artomatic, but who knows. I seem to favor green when the subject matter is about growth (like formation).






artomatic setup

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Headed downtown to set up my space for Artomatic. All in all the day went pretty smoothly other than leaving late because we were waiting for my security hardware to arrive via ups. (little screws and bolts that prevent theft of the artwork) Opting to take the chance that there would be extra on site for us to purchase, we went ahead and took the work as well as the display. There wasn't but we decided to hang the work anyway hoping that the artists would be honest.

We will go back next week with the hardware, and the imac that fits in that void that you see in the pics. The imac will be a kiosk with an interactive display containing info and images of more work, bio, press, and other things hopefully of interest. With the difficult choice of what work to hang in such a limited 8'x8' space, Bryan came up with the brilliant idea of the kiosk. Of course us andersons always go to the nth degree with stuff like this so I was onboard with the idea in a flash. So I spent several days building what is essentially a website (that will never hit the web) for this display. With potentially 70,000 people expected to attend the event, I have the slightest hope of getting another gallery to take on the work, and the kiosk will help to represent the whole collection.

Hopefully it catches someone's attention.





It appears as though my beloved did most of the work, and that is true. My biggest portion was painting the wall and measuring out the space, but he is my electrical/construction/encourager...well he wears many hats and my work would not see the light of day if it weren't for him.

After about four hours of sweat, and one parking ticket (which we are contesting due to conflicting signage) we went seeking food.

Always on the lookout for a good feed, Bryan discovered Granville Moore's. Set in a somewhat seedy part of DC inside an old brick walk-up that used to be a doctor's office is this fabulous place that serves Moule frites (mussels and fries). The chef of this place won a throw down against Bobby Flay, and is destined to be the next food tv celeb so you know the food is amazing. A pile of mussels is served swimming in a yummy broth for bread-sopping. I chose the blu cheese and spinach/bacon, and it did not disappoint. The big bowl is plopped in front of you on ancient timbers that make up the antique bar along with fries with tasty dipping sauce. Yum. Contrasting with the rustic old historic building, the humble food was amazing, and a perfect way to celebrate an artistic day.



selection process for artomatic

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Time to pick out what to hang for that DC art bonanza known as Artomatic. This is a tough thing to do. I only have so much space and more work than wall. So, I have to choose what represents best which as far a themes go is my older stuff, but of course I want to hang the newest piece (even if it isn't finished ;-).

Of course looking at the work over and over again sent me into a very common emotional state...

"Its all crap".

If you do any kind of artwork and are not some sort of heartless atomaton you know exactly what I am talking about.

It isn't that you don't love your work...

or that you have self esteem issues.

It is just one of those things that happens to every one that has picked up an artist's brush to bare their soul. It leaves you a little vulnerable.

AND, for me my work is only as good as the last painting.

eeny, meeeny, miney...



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5 years today.

time flies.

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