studio work is not always about the art

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If I were to put a camera at my desk and stream a live video feed on my blog, what might one see right now?

Flying splashes of paint on a brand new canvas?

Me, torch in hand, creating some new work in silver?

My camera set up for a shoot for more spiritually infused digital creations?


It is that time of year again. The one we all love. Some responsible, on-the-ball folk (like my mother) have already completed this gruesome task, but I have not yet tackled it. Of what dreary, and dreadful task am I referring to?

Taxes, of course.

As an artist this is on par with getting a root canal, or having to go to traffic school.

How do you handle it?

Me, personally... I have to put some serious creative blinders on. This means hunker down and try not to look at my easel that beckons in the corner, or the inspiring trinkets that await formation at my bench.

So today, I will focus the energy to compiling the paperwork. That is the first segment of it. Then I open my books and sort through the numbers, expenses etc. If I don't take it in sections I will go mad.

If anybody wants to share their secret method to survive this lonely ritual yet another year, please feel free to pass on your advice. And if you have finished yours already, I am green with envy.

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