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Artist date friday. Many artistic moons have been neglected in favor of chores like laundry, taxes, and a normal work week at my business. The balancing act is a tough one. In return for being a seemingly responsible human being my muse let me know I was not being a responsible artist. Feeling a sense of moody unsettlement and overall anger at the world my muse (and my husband) pointed out (again) that she needed some attention.

It is a balancing act.

And the approach to the canvas is a painful one. Like a potential lover that may spurn you with all of the emotional baggage that comes with that, the canvas looks less friendly. And it is a big one this time, which takes different technique and more time, which means more chance for failure.

I know that sounds dire... don't be so meladramatic. Get with it already.

But like so many good artist sages before me (inclucing my new fav, elizabeth gilbert), I chanted the mantra...

just show up.

The muse isn't disappointing me so far.






I'm liking it so far.

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