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blue eyeshadow

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Met this little guy on Kona.


empty well

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Serious dry spell over here in blair-studio-land. After an intense-extrovert-travel-and-stress holiday season with family and then being sick, and now the snow that puts me in hybernation mode... I just can't get myself powered up. Before the turn of the year I was firing on all thrusters and today...

I got nothin.

It always takes me a few moments of frustration and self punishment before it dawns on me that... "Oh yea... empty well... that's what this is".

I plan to catch up this page with all the goings on of the last month, but for now I need to stay powered down for a tad longer. All part of the rhythm of the art.


18 degrees here today

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yup. Last week I was in Hawaii.

out of balance-too sick to blog

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Well it never fails. I need a vacation from that extended vacation. We arrived home sunday and I caught a nasty bug and am still sniffling through it. All I yearn for now is to be able to go to the ceramics studio and throw clay, or paint, or even clean my studio. Laying around like a lump or shuffling from the fridge to the couch tethered to a box of kleenex seems to be what I get instead.


things that inspire

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Finally unpacking from the Anderson extended family vacation in Hawaii. Treasures from this trip (as with most) tend toward seeds of inspiration rather than souvenir. A particularly good find was some tiny antique(1887) opium bottles that will work nicely made into pendants. Pearls, Kukui nuts, beach glass, and lava rock will also find their way into some new creations. Daniel spotted the batik sarongs for 4 dollars in a little shop by the road, and I couldn't help myself when I spotted this cool hand died capri outfit in a gallery near the north shore of Oahu.


nothing quite like it

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Floating by an active section of Kilauea, we were greeted with something flying in the air. Newly formed land flaking off into the air at the moment of lava contacting water. "Ash" is more like sections of paper thin glass.

New Birth
Limu born at Kilauea in our presence

The explosive act of magma hitting the ocean

age old question answered

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Apparently all of the age-old questions can be answered in Hawaii. Hunting for waterfalls on Kauai I discovered the answer to "why did the chicken cross the road".


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