the fly on the wall


In a dark and smokey room one night after the Democratic convention, a VP strategy was born…

"We need to do something quick, the Dems have all the attention and a real plan for running the country, we need a distraction, a decoy... we need a VP that makes everyone forget about the last eight years. We need someone to make McCain look good".

"I don't think Lieberman can be a decoy."

"We could put him in a dress"

"No. We need someone that nobody has heard of to send the media in a frenzy."

"It needs to be a woman if we want to capture some of those disgruntled Hilary gals".


"And she needs to be a mom of a big family to capture the "family value" voters."


"And she should know how to give a good speech."

"Yea... can she be pretty? Like a beauty queen or somethin', that would be cool."

"She should be a soccer mom, NO...a HOCKEY MOM!"

"Yea…and have a son that is ready to deploy to Iraq. On September 11!"

"That might be asking a bit much".

"And she should have a special needs child."

"Oooo, that's a good one".

"…And an under age pregnant daughter who is about to marry her boyfriend, we could spin that into a real affirmation of life story."


"Oh, and she should be a hunter and know how to field dress a Moose."


"Where in the hell are we going to find someone like that?"



You left out her nickname on her high school basketball team was BARRACUDA. ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!!

Thanks for the laugh -- I did kind of need it today.

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