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Shifting from show night to yardwork can make your head spin, especially if you don't get enough sleep, but we plunged in to saturday and sunday at full speed anyway. The weather was on our side as it was not as hot as before and Bryan and I mustered the strength to haul and set a ton of bricks.

Actually 2 tons of bricks...

Well, 4200 lbs to be exact. Each.

And that doesn't include all the gravel we shoveled and hauled as well.

Of course all that means is that upon getting up this morning neither one of us could move. It is like a crash course in body building. What is that creaking sound? Oh, it is my back.;-)

putting up the newly finished (old) handrail


installing the drainpipe



Believe it or not this isn't finished yet. We have two and a half more feet (up) to go on top of this. The design will change slightly as the rest will be a straight wall to be seen from both sides, not just a retaining wall. For visual interest we might just start that wall behind the existing one. Sometimes plans change as you go ;-) And then there is the lower, old existing wall that we (I) will be stucco-ing.


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It is looking so NICE! and the plants look great too. Looks like your work is a lot tougher than our bathroom right now...heavier anyway. I will pass along the exnihilo web address when I'm in Sedona.

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