new work: valley of peace


This one not quite done but a good start. I reverted back to acrylics for a point of reference and perspective on the two mediums. Had little intention of painting today but as Bryan left the house this morning after a goodbye kiss he smiled and asked..."painting today"?

Feeling so blessed to have this kind of encouragement from my favorite cheerleader, I cracked a few pages of Artist Way and was reminded again to "Just show up at the page". Or in my case, canvas. Having no plan but wanting to tap into what was underneath I hit a blank canvas with my pencil and what emerged was the concept of peace. Internal peace.





without the grid


grid in process



VERY NICE!!! You can see your comfort level with the acrylics vs the oils. I like this alot. The concert sounded fun and boy you look like you were from my era. Makes me giggle a little.

Thanks Marta, I thought you would appreciate the "hippie" look. Although for that particular concert I was dressed a decade off.

The painting is coming, although second guessing it at the moment...which I always do at this stage;-)

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