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Can't go back to sleep. The voices came really early this time. Five thirty I was awakened by what I could call "the replay". I think it is an introverted thing. If I have had a very people interactive day it tends to revisit me the next day in an involuntary playback. Every conversation of the past evening came flooding in at five-thirty. Brain engaged...won't shut up.

You think it could have at least had the courtesy of waiting a few more hours.

Oh well, it is what it is. And it isn't so bad when it was such a great night.

Although this evening wasn't publicized and no invitations were sent, there were still a few folk that came out and viewed the work. And the "magazine person" actually did show up and I actually did give an interview. And I actually had half a brain(thankfully). It was pretty cool to have someone take an interest in the work enough to want to write about it... questions about color choice, motivation, "when did you know you wanted to be an artist"?...things like that.

and then the kind interviewer said...

"Tell me about your artist retreat, Exnihilo, we would love to promote that in the magazine".


This is the kind of moment I think of as a bread crumb. Not a scrap from the table kind, but the kind that lead you on a journey aka Hansel and Gretel. One activity in life might propel another and in this little sleeper of a gallery, a show in a humble frame shop has turned up more tiny steps forward.

And there was more. One woman in particular mentioned that she thought my work would be great in the Strathmore and gave me a name...

"Talk to Millie".

As well as complementing my work and graciously comparing it to early Georgia O'keefe.(my jaw dropped as she said it)

Meanwhile, Daniel was following his own bread crumb. The gallery owner, Ginger prompted him to go talk to another gallery owner down the street who had seen his painting and showed an interested in his work. So he and his girlfriend Heather headed down there for a bit to make an appearance. Another opportunity door opened just a crack.

You never know where they are going to come from but when they show up all you have to do is follow the trail...

one bread crumb at a time.

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I get those voices, and didn't realize others did too, thanks for making me feel just a little bit less crazy this a.m.! :)

Fabulous to hear about the bread crumbs! If they lead you to a candy house though DON'T go in!

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