the real sisterhood

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The original inspiration for the piece, "Sisterhood of Believers". When you put the three of us together good luck getting any words in. Both nuggets of wisdom and riffs of foolishness swirl around as we share the deep things that make up the lives of women. Of course when you come to our table there will be good food and wine to accompany the conversation and this was no exception. Bryan grilled a yummy london broil and I made one of my gorgonzola salads. What better way to share an evening with the two women that inspire me most.



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Blair - Your last two posts raise so much in me. Hurrah for your show, amazing that your sister and mother would fly out to it. Jealousy is not an emotion I identify with much, but I have to admit I feel it as I look at this picture. What would it be like to know that sisterhood in my core? With those who are flesh and blood? Along with the jealousy there is much hope and gratitude that there are women who do know.

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