show set up, weird feelings


8:30 am, starbucks in hand, the element is jammed full of my paintings(this time), off to set up the upcoming show of Dancing in Thin Places. A gallery within the tapas restaurant, Ranazul, will be the home of my babies for the next month.

9:30 am,set up was easy, although I have to admit Bryan pounded all the nails and hung the work, while I pretty much just decided where they would go, and hung the title cards and artist statement.

10:30 am, back at home for some final details, namely printing a title sign for the show with my name in letters that seem all too large to me, but I concede to Bryan who seems to think it is necessary. I am great about promoting other people's work, but a big sign with my name on it is a little tough for me.

12:00, back at the gallery to hang the sign and have some lunch(they have a yummy menu). Chad, the gallery director, comments on the work, how well "designed the show is", and seems overall...pretty pleased. And, he likes the sign.;-)

So we stay and have a fabulous lunch and a scandalous bottle of spanish red wine with our lunch as I watch a few folk already meandering in and out of the gallery viewing my work.

What a weird feeling.

A waitress comments to me about the work and mentions her favorite. The collection has been hanging for just a few hours.

Very weird feeling.

But with the final sips of a fine spanish red, I am relishing a moment that is a bit of a surprise. The actual reception is not until the 20th and that will be another day to celebrate. It is great to see the work on white walls, in a space that people may view it, and maybe...


they will be inspired.

In light of this show it was time to launch a proper artist site. Eventually it will have a functioning store option for the limited editions, but for now it gives a glimpse of the work in the show, and other stuff. Still, it is pretty cool. Thanks to Bryan for working his butt off to make it happen. Such a guy.
Check out my new art site here.



How totally wonderful, awsome, cool and all those great adjectives. Proud of you. ENJOY!

ranazul? Over here near me?

The art site is awesome. Would you consider making it so one can see the whole collection by clicking somewhere in the paragraph, rather than just in the drop-down 'collections' menu? Just a thought.

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