new limited editions


Finally did it. New signed and numbered limited edition giclees of my thin place pieces. These four are framed in preparation for an upcoming show at Ranazul, a tapas restaurant with its own gallery. The next few days will be filled with pulling some last details together like title cards and artist statement, website, portfolio book, price list... ok, a lot of details. At any rate I am pleased that these things are finally going to get some wall time in a public space with white walls.



They look fantastic!!!! I'm so excited I know they will do well. Let us know how they are recieved. How much are you asking for them?

Congratulations Blair! They are my so beautiful!

The second one there has wall space in my bedroom! :)

Will you have an online store for them???

i love your paintings! marta sent me the info so i could check it out. all my best to your venture.
blessings, marcia

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