i always wanted to join the circus

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What do I have in common with...

med students,
web designers,
and trapeze artists?

a place called Blue House.

Today I was putting in my hours at this favorite free wi-fi cafe along with a very interesting cross section of baltimore's coffee drinkers. And I wasn't kidding about the trapeze artist... apparently there is a "trapeze school" somewhere in town... I couldn't help but overhear.

But the cross section is indicative of Mr. Florida's "creative class"... me included. As I look around I imagine what stories these people have, what they do for a living, and what are they working on right now.

Would they imagine the same of me?

I am working on stuff for the show while snacking on vegan chips and naked juice. I am finishing up all those details I mentioned yesterday, marveling that I can sit at a cafe and get work done. If this were ten years ago I would be scrambling to the printer, running around town, but now I can simply upload a file and have the materials I need delivered to my door in a couple of days. This is not only cost effective (can you say, gas prices?) but is great if you are a last minute type. Things that would take a few months to produce can be done in a week. I finished a portfolio book and am anxious to see how the printing turned out. Its wild.

It is also nice to get out of the house. I have realized again how much I need to do that on a regular basis. I have always loved working from home, but "home" can close in on you especially if you are constantly reminded of chores and projects that need tending at every turn. And the best perk coming up to Baltimore is lunch with Bryan.

So, today it is Blue House. Tomorrow, my house, that's the real circus.

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I checked out the new art website it looks great. I sent the address to a bunch of people so who knows what you might happen. I did let them know it wasn't quite done.

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