come have some champagne

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Ok, I can finally check this one off of my Mondo Beyondo list of what... two years ago ;-) Barring something happening between now and sunday things look like they are shaping up. I had cards made of the collection and some arrived yesterday and some will come today. There was a neat sense of satisfaction seeing seven of the collection printed in this tiny format for sharing. And best of all bests was the surprise arrival of my mother and sister from arizona. They walked in the door at 5ish and the talking and laughing didn't stop until we realized it was one in the morning. Bryan managed to navigate around us getting only a few words in edgewise (what a guy). As I type this they are still sleeping, still on west coast's clock. It should be a very special couple of days. I am considering the fact that it is an artist date-day. Maybe I will put a brush in my mother's hand and see what happens.


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I am so excited for you Blair - congratulations!

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