something in the eye

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5 am and Bryan jerks up from his pillow. Scrapping his face with the back of his hand... a crunching feeling...

something had bit him (no it wasn't me).

I turn on the lights...

on his pillow lay a small scorpion.

"Oh, its a scorpion", I say, a little too matter of factly. Other couples had found them in their showers or other parts of their cabins, but never on somebody's face.

I lift the pillow and take it to the toilet to flush the little critter. It is dead, Bryan creamed it when he swatted it.

Now we are inspecting under Bryan's eye, and the small welt on the back of his hand. He seems fine and doesn't have any pain so we are unsure if he was actually bitten.

So we both try to go back to sleep.

yea... right.

adventures on the island.

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