new friends and goats

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I am reminded of the first reason why I love it here. Beautiful sky and sea.

This morning Bryan and I headed down the beach on foot with camera gear in hand with no particular goal in mind just to enjoy the sun and maybe take some pictures. We have spent the last five days doing nothing but eat, sleep, read, and eat and sleep some more. Sleep patterns follow the sun here rather than late night tv. A walk would be perfect today.

Up the beach we head for a little run down shack that has huge photo potential...

and goats.

lots of goats.

As we get closer with our cameras I spot a couple of babies. Absolutely teeny tiny we find out later that they are probably just hours old, one is still not standing.

True to form we start filming and photographing these cute and comical creatures. At one point while standing inside the shack framing up a great shot through a delapitated window we hear a car coming up the road.

I instinctively duck down suddenly concerned about tresspassing.

Bryan instinctively sticks his head out the door and waves, "We're takin' some pictures... I hope that's OK".

The man gets out of his car wearing a big smile, greets us warmly, and makes it clear that we are welcome on his land.

I am reminded of the second reason why I love it here. The people.

We ask his name... and think we hear Carnitas Miller.

I am pretty sure his name isn't "meat" in some other language, so I ask him his name again and thankfully he spells it C-o-r-n-e-l-i-u-s...

Oh, Cornelius!

Neely for short.

We talk further about his herd of goats (he is also a mason) and connect names to people we know and he knows on the island...

"We have a friend Presley..."

"Oh yea, We are cousins. He bought a goat from me to slaughter... said he had some good friends coming for dinner..."

"Was it sometime last year", we inquire, "around July?"

"That's it," he said.

I turn and look down at the precious baby goat and realise what that sunday dinner actually looked like.


After dispensing the sentimental notion of the cute and cuddly, I think back on how fabulous that meal was. And what an honor it must have been.

newborn kid

kid at my feet. it was about the size of a small cat.

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