Integrity; the island's currency

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Small reminders of what is of value here. A passing comment in conversation may not make you notice, but several passing comments and you can add it up. There is an underlying value placed on a person of good character.

Bryan apologizes for making the taxi driver wait (on our first visit) to fix a slight (in our favor-charged us too little) on our bill. I sit in the taxi and explain...the taxi driver Veronica simply says...

"honest man".


While eating at Max's Grill(on our second visit), I inquire to the waitress, Andrea if she remembers us...

Oh yea... you nice people.


While chatting with Neely while observing Bryan's camera he mentions that someone had lied to him... promised to film his goats and didn't.

heaven help him.

So obviously Bryan offers to give him some footage (not sure what he was going to use it for but no matter). We have made another friend and would not want to betray that trust.

We ask him about what he knows about the builders on the island. He gives us a name and makes it clear that he would never introduce us to someone who was untrustworthy, and by introducing someone of good character his character (Neely's) is uplifted in that act.


Many more slices of conversations from various people come to mind, and created the cumulative effect. They value honesty, integrity, and hospitality. And chances are if there is a dubious character on the island everyone knows about it and one way or another that person loses.

When a person's character is part of everyday discussion is it any wonder that there isn't any crime here?

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