a meeting with the man

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Wednesday. We had set up a time to meet a very important person. On Long Island there is one man that will approve plans, and permits...

and he happens to be the building inspector.

oh yea, and he is the architect too.

Although we had pretty much heard that the way things are done is to have your designs done stateside and then he "redraws" them to meet island code.

yea... ok.

But we thought that maybe he could actually design something, and it was prudent to meet the man anyway considering how much power he seemed to wield on his tiny island.

So upon entering his home, we encounter a white haired man, roughly in his seventies. Pleasantries were exchanged and our conversation began.

It became clear that if he had designed anything it was probably years ago, and judging from what was on the island (other than the newest construction this year) was vary basic.

So we left affirmed that we needed to get designs in the states or do it ourselves. Sweet old Mr Turnquest would redraw what we give him and collect his fees. Fortunately he had no illusions about himself and didn't seem offended by the new fangled plans that were being built. He was fine with signing off on anything that was structurally sound.

Just another hoop to jump through, and another lesson on the process as it is here on the island.

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Glad your getting all those hoops jumped through. Hope the weather has been nice and you are back on track.

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