caught in the crossfire

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My show is off.

At least for now.

I haven't blogged on it because at first I was so disapointed that I didn't know what to write. And then life went on and I just sort of got ok with it. I was mad, and then relieved.

The gallery in which my show was going to be held was in the middle of a change in staffing. It is a community gallery that needed a facelift, but apparently when art meets politics things can get ugly. My show was to be the first show after this changing of the guard and like most change, some people didn't like it. Those in the community that were opposed to the change were going to boycott. Nothing personal, they don't know me from a hill of beans. I am an innocent bystander. The prudent thing to do was put things on hold.

So my show was caught in the crossfire.

There is talk of postponing it but things are still up in the air. Maybe november. Frankly right now I am overwhelmed with business stuff and would probably be having a meltdown if the show was a day away as originally planned...

so all works out.

And the best part of it all is I will get to attend Daniel's show.


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dang. sorry blair. maybe i will get to one day see your opening after all!

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