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Back from vegas, I hit the ground running. Coming off of a red eye flight I spent most of tuesday sleeping. Then it was photographing Jim Wallis for his new book. No I am not a highly published photographer, no I don't have a swanky photo studio, but via a series of connections I ended up with this great man sitting at my dining room table right next to the unfinished drywall from our new patio door. Taking his picture was such an honor, and I am thrilled to add another author photo to my whompin list of two. He didn't seem too phased that there was no studio, but was gracious and polite in his handsome black suit as I bossed him around telling him smile, don't smile, sit up, lean forward...

you get the idea.

I tried not to get ruffled by the fact that just days ago he was sitting with Katie Couric under professional lights being tended to by a makeup stylist.

But I have found that the most effective thing that captures a person's "soul" isn't a swanky studio or tons of merle norman. No instead it is strategic questioning. So having a wee bit of knowledge about his family and having met his wife at a women's leadership thang that I was at three years ago, I had a few questions that made the right connections.

The eyes of a person change when they are thinking of the things that they most cherish.

So, if all things converge, the angle of your camera, the settings, the lighting, and then that fleeting second of expression...

you have the picture.

The one that really matters.

But it is a sweat fest to get there and I did my share. Even shooting digital I can never quite tell if I have hit the mark until the person leaves and I can truly examine the work. I guess I just can't multi-task with another body present.

But I am relieved to say I got a shot that they saw fit to use. I would post it, but that might not be appropriate so soon, just watch for his next book and my name will be next to the itsy bitsy copyright symbol that says "author photo by".

Aside from the nerves I just enjoyed the presence of the man.

I asked specific questions about special moments in his life (which is what got the shot) and then other questions for fun...

like what was your favorite interview?

Jon Stewart.

What was your least favorite interview?

Hannity & Colmes.


Handshakes and he was off to his next interview, catching a plane, or political event.

I realized I forgot to have him sign my copy of "God's Politics"


Maybe he will sign me his new one. Right next to the picture.

some of Jim's interviews on youtube.


Oooh, too cool! Jim Wallis is my kinda celebrity!!! Wouldn't worry about the autograph though; I'll bet you get a complimentary copy of the next book - with the coveted autograph.

CONGRATS! glad it went well. I would love to know the question you asked him that got the pic. I am assuming the purchase you made in Vegas hasn't seen the light yet considering the schedule. I of course got home finished taxes and then got sick again. I'm beginning to think it is this house. So I haven't shown my purchase yet. Anyway glad the shoot went well and now you can get down to working on your art show and other such things.

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